Friday, February 25, 2011

How She Spent Her Birthday

She started celebrating the day before with my mom. Mema was out of town on her actual birthday so she took her the day before and spent the entire day doing what she wanted to do. Playing, McDonald's, Toys R' Us, and Gigi's cupcakes.

She actually had to be woken up on her Birthday. Gavin wanted to see her open her presents and so did Daddy. She NEVER sleeps past 6:30, but did on her birthday. She woke up to open presents and then eat her birthday donut.

Then a few pictures with Mommy.

Then off to Build A Bear to meet Daddy.

Then lunch of her choice- Chick Fil A.

Then home to make cupcakes and a princess cake with Mommy.

Then off on her new bike. She took a spin around the hood.

Then family and a few friends joined us for fajitas.

I'd say this little three year old had a GREAT Birthday!!


Sarah said...

Cannot believe she's 3! What a wonderful birthday for Hadley!

Courtney said...

First off...I am so jealous of skirts and t-shirts...seriously?! And I love the second shot of her on the bike. How can she be 3 already?!?!

Toni said...

So cute! Can't believe she is already three! She is an absolute doll!