Monday, September 06, 2010

Water Slides, Mean Life Guard, and a Talk with Daddy

Today at the Oasis, before it started raining....Ellie went to get on the water slide. She's been riding the slide for the last two years with no problem. Heck, Hadley has even gone down these slides. Well today the lifeguard wouldn't let her go down. She waited in the long line, got to the top and the lifeguard said "NO." So she started to cry hysterically. She came down and told me and I picked her up and marched her right back to have a talk with the guy. Surely there was a misunderstanding? Sure enough he said "Sorry, she's not tall enough." Sadly this is a common theme for her lately...."She's not tall enough." We joined a new gym that has water slides and she can't ride those either...but the other five year olds can.
But back to the story....

So we go back and tell Daddy that he really won't let her ride. She sits on his lap and hugs him and weeps BIG, BIG tears.

Then this conversation took place.

Daddy: "Do you want me to go tell him that he is being rude and ugly and go kick him in the private?"

Ellie: Immediately stopping her tears and all serious she looks at Frank, "Daddy, that's not nice, God wouldn't want you to talk to someone like that."

Daddy: "You are right Ellie, instead of being mean to him I need to pray for him."

Ellie: "That's right Dad, that is what God wants you to do. You need to pray for him."

Daddy: To which Frank laughs and chuckles and says, "You are right Ellie, I am so glad you can teach me things."

Ellie has such a sweet heart and my husband well...... he thinks he is quite the crack up.


ChrissyK said...

That really is sweet. I love it!

Blows your mind when it is your kid who teaches you a lesson verses you teaching them, doesn't it. It blows mine.

Kristyn said...

That is so sweet!!! I sure hope my kids have that sweet of a heart. I love the way our kids can teach us lessons :)

ashley said...

How precious!