Monday, September 06, 2010

My Purse Camera and Labor Day Weekend

Frank and the kids got me a little camera for Mother's Day that I always have with me in my purse. It's great for those moments you didn't know you'd need or want a camera, and it's nice to not lug around my big camera all the time. Well, since I hardly use it...because I tend to lug the big camera around if I know I am taking pictures...I haven't downloaded much until today.

So today on this rainy Labor Day afternoon, I downloaded picture from my little Nikon from the last few weeks and I thought I'd post a few of the pictures...

With the weather getting a little cooler we've been outside quite a bit. Hadley loves herself some swinging. And not just any swinging....she likes to go high and screams, "No Mommy Higher!" every time.

A few weeks ago my niece came to hang with us for the day. We took a bike ride to a neighboring park and the kids all played around for awhile:

And we made cookies, went swimming, and took lots of pictures:

These next pictures I could have taken every day for 5 days straight and they would have all looked the same. I KID YOU NOT. This girl loves this dress up outfit. She wants it on at ALL TIMES. For a week straight it was all she wore, and well...I didn't feel like fighting her on it. She even wanted to wear it to bed. And depending on if Mommy or Daddy put her to bed...sometimes she went to bed with it on. After five days of going to the grocery store, park, bed, Gavin's school, and pretty much everywhere... I decided to hide it while she was in the bath. It is still hiding as I am afraid with school starting for her this week...she'll want it back on if she sees it.

With Ellie starting gymnastics and cheer, she loves getting on her Daddy's shoulders. Sitting or standing. On this particular day in the pool Gavin got on Daddy's shoulders and then Ellie on Gavin's. Maybe we could be a family that would fit in a think?

This Labor Day weekend after doing some retail therapy shopping with my neighbor at the mall, she and her husband invited us to go eat Dim Sum. Frank loves Dim Sum, but I had never eaten it. Being that I am not big on grease unless it's on a pizza, I wasn't a huge fan. I felt bad as they were really hoping I'd like it, but I ended up politely spitting a few bites into my napkin. And don't get me started on the tapioca tea that Traci let me try. And Traci, no matter how many times you tell me that those were tapioca balls I sipped up through the straw...they were SOOO MOLASSES balls. Blahhh.... Needless to say, I don't think I'll be hurrying back to Chinatown anytime soon. But Frank and the kids would probably go again and join them. The company was great but food....NOT SO MUCH! Traci and I did snap a picture in front of the pretty flowers blooming.

And I just loved this little guy...he made me happy:

Sunday after Church we drove up to the lake and ate at Five Guys. Maybe I do like something else greasy because I love that place. Thankfully it is a little drive from our house. :) Afterwards, we went and fed the catfish and carp in the lake our leftover french fries. The kids loved it, especially Hadley:

Today we went to the Oasis for a little last minute Labor Day fun, and I should have pictures from that, but we quickly had to leave as the rain blew in. I will admit I was a little excited as I have been dying to make soup and when it is hot and sunny outside...soup just doesn't feel right. So this afternoon as I downloaded pictures I made a big ol' pot of The Pioneer Womans White Chicken Chile and we are about to eat it and watch Marmaduke. I told the kids next time it rains we'd get that tonight is the night. Oh and did I mention we've been in our pajamas since 1pm. It's been a great day.

So...not so bad for a little purse camera huh???

Hope you all had a great, long Labor Day weekend!!


Emily said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that first picture of Hadley in her costume. That is so stinkin' funny! And I could have written that same paragraph about Presley. She's been living and sleeping in one of her princess dresses, too. But I finally washed it and it came out okay.

Loved seeing all the pictures! What a pretty family you have!

ashley said...

I love seeing all the pictures of your beautiful family! Hadley's costume is too funny! I wonder how long it will take before she finds it?