Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Girlies First Day Back..

The girls finally went back to school. Ellie was SOOO excited. Hadley was excited to get dressed into her first day of school clothes...but that was about as excited as she got. I had made their lunches and as I was getting ready Ellie yelled to me, "Mommy...Hadley is eating her lunch." Sure enough I found her on the floor with her lunch box open trying to dig into some goldfish.

So then it was time to take a few pictures. It was too humid outside and I didn't have time to let my lens defog so I took a few snaps inside before we left. Ellie was posing and excited. The old Hadley came back and she put her hands in front of her eyes like this and told me "NO.":

But when times call for desperate measures I bribe her with candy. So as soon as I said, "If I give you candy can I take your picture??" Her hands came down, and she ran to where Ellie was for a few pictures.

Here are my girlies before heading off to their first day of 2 year old preschool and 1st year of Kindergarten:

And then she was done and ready for her candy:

Teacher gifts where all ready:

And we were out there door on our way to school...

But as soon as I got everyone buckled and all the gear in the car, Hadley had to go potty. REally?? We were leaving JUST on time to NOT be late. But what do you do when your trying to potty train. I had to bring her back in. We ended up getting to school late. Ellie gets tardy's this year and we were definitely tardy today...thankfully they didn't count tardies on the first day.

Ellie ran right in, told me not to worry about her and not to cry, and said she wouldn't cry either. Love her. She gave me a kiss and a hug, went inside and gave her teachers their gift and then ran back out to give me and Hadley one more big kiss and hug. I love that girl. She took a picture with a little girl who was in her class a few years ago before I left.

Hopefully they will become good friends this year. This year could be a big adjustment without her girlfriends that she's had in her class for the last three years.

Then it was off to Hadleys class. My first mistake was letting her walk in with her BB Blanket and paci. Those are not allowed except for at nap time so she was not a happy camper when I told her we needed to put them in her backpack. Music class had begun and her sweet teachers were trying hard to nurture her and make her feel better. But she was wailing some big crocodile tears. Hopefully they didn't last long after I left.

School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days...

Yep it's official...we are all back in school.

****UPDATE, when Ellie got picked up from school her Daddy asked how it went and she said, "I can't possibly tell you how much fun I've had!" She cracks me up!!


Our Life Together said...

The girls are beautiful for sure in their outfits and all! Hoping Hadley had a great day after a little rocky start. And what a big girl Ellie was to tell you not to worry. I love it!

Lisa said...

Your kiddos are just so cute! Sounds like Ellie loved it and hopefully Hadley's day got a little better! BTW, Hadley's room pictures are adorable - great job!

ashley said...

The girls are too cute! I love Ellie's outfit! I saw it at Gymboree, but they didn't have Abigail's size. I saw Frank picking the girls up from school! It's so neat to see the relationship between a father & his little girl! I hope the girls have a great year! I'm sure I'll be running into you around the school.

Kristyn said...

Those kids are such a hoot!!! I love how independent Ellie is. It's so hard to imagine that they can be that independent at such a young age. I sorta hope mine aren't that independent....well sometimes I do. :) I hope Hads gets used to school. I know she'll have a great year.

I miss seeing you at church too, but we LOVE Champion Forest and it was the best move for our family. It's nice to have everyone in the same place. I also am really enjoying teaching the 4th grade class. It's an every week responsibility...which is hard, but it makes me study the bible which I needed. We should try to get together soon. I have Thursday's free, so maybe you and I could hang out :)

sillygirl said...

"Ellie ran right in, told me not to worry about her and not to cry, and said she wouldn't cry either. Love her."

That comment made me cry. I'm not sure how you held it together.


tayton said...

What big girls! Hads and R favor each other in those smiley photos. They really should be Gymboree models, especially with the boots in the wardrobe mix! Have a great school year, sweet girlies!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Love the one of Hadley with hands on her hips and her head tilted backwards. Ha! :)

Courtney said...

Ellie is such a mature little girl-she'll be the one to make sure Mama's doin' okay! Love her comments. I am sure Hadley was hamming it up just minutes after you left! She's such a doll posing for the camera. Have a great year!