Thursday, May 06, 2010


Gavin went to school wearing this shirt today:

Strong like Bull...NOT SO MUCH TODAY. No, no, no...I don't think anyone would have called today a BULL kind of day. I had to laugh when he got off the bus today wearing this shirt.

You see, I just happened to sit down at my computer around 1:30 today and logged into my trading account. I got to see the Dow Jones tank 998 points on my screen. It was an unbelievable sight. Not a great one I'll admit, but I just sat there thinking, "Is this really happening??" Although the Dow ended up rebounding a bit, it was just crazy to sit and watch what was happening in real time, so quickly, right before my eyes. I think today was one of those days that made history and I'll always remember it.

April and May just seem to zip by. We are always so busy this time of year. I have been snapping a few pictures here and there...but not like usual.

Gavin started Flag Football again a few weeks ago. The ONE sport that I would prefer he not take a liking to, and it seems to be a favorite right now. He still likes Tennis and really wants to play Golf. But I'd say football is his love at the moment. He has gotten good. He ran a 100 and 70 yard touch down last weekend and got MVP of the game. He had made two of the three touchdowns. He was so proud. It just happened to be the one game that I missed as I was in line at ticketmaster buying dance recital tickets. Whaa... But here he is in his element:

He is playing with his little Bud, John again. They love seeing each other regularly again since they aren't at the same school this year.

Meanwhile, Ellie is gearing up for her BIG Dance recital at the Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion. She has been working really hard all year for this big day. We had dance recital pictures last week. She was so excited to wear her costume:

Lexie is in her dance class so they will be dancing together:

This past week, Ellie's class celebrated her birthday at school. She was so excited. Since she is a summer birthday, they celebrate their birthdays in May. The day before she was so excited as we made her cupcakes, that next thing I knew she was at the park inviting all the neighbors to come to her "birthday party" at school. It was so cute. She was so excited when Frank and I joined the class for her celebration. And the kids loved the cupcakes.

Sweet little Hads has been a handful lately. We love her Sassy personality...MOST days. Last week we had invited a friend over to play. They played so well together. They both love babies and books. I had run downstairs for a minute and when I returned I found them in Hadley's room like this:

They had a little library of books they were looking through and were in NO hurry to get out.

And something Funny Hadley has been doing lately. For her birthday she got a pack n' play for her babies. IT IS FOR DOLLS. But we hardly find dolls in it anymore. Whenever she is tired, she will get her blanket, paci, and the doll pack n' play and bring it to wherever we are. Then she climbs inside and tries to go to sleep. It's pretty funny.

So there you have it, a few random samplings from our little world lately. More to come soon, I am sure.


Honeyman 4 said...

Too cute. G is growing up!!

Our Life Together said...

Fun update! I love seeing the everyday stuff.

Courtney said...

Cute kids! Cate would LOVE that dance costume Ellie gets to wear. And I love the idea of celebrating summer birthdays in May!