Friday, April 30, 2010

Preschool Program

It's hard to believe we've been going to this preschool program for five years. Gavin was once Hadley's age up on that same stage, and now five years later, here Hadley is in the "onesie" class. It is also hard to believe that Ellie is almost a Pre-K graduate. Time, oh sweet time...once again I BEG you to slow down.

Ellie has been excited for weeks, asking how many days until her performance. And she asked multiple times who all would be coming to watch her. She was so excited. And Hadleys teachers had told me how animated she is during practice and how she sings all the songs and LOUD.

Well on the big night, NOT SO MUCH for Hadley. She waved at me as she got on stage, and then just sat there staring at the audience. I did give her benedryl for the first time yesterday so maybe she was a little off because of that....or maybe just maybe she is like her mom and hated being on the stage in front of a room full of strangers staring at her. She did do a few verses of "Jesus Loves Me." And then decided it would be much better to sit on her teachers lap. :)

Ellie on the other hand hammed it up for us. She did all the motions, and sang her little heart out. I told her she did awesome afterward and she said, "Thank you mom for saying I did awesome, because I DID do REALLLLLYYYYY awesome." As you can tell she has a real problem with self confidence.

Before the show:

Hadley in a daze with her class singing (or lack there of) "The Wheels on the Bus":

But we did get a little with, "Yes, Jesus LOVES ME":

"For the Bible tells me so":

And then she's had enough and scooted to her sweet teacher:

Ellie Loved the spotlight:

And dare I even post this from when we got home???

Yes, my kids are spoiled rotten. Two more baskets to support our awesome preschool. This time, Frank and I were not the ones to was the Grandparents. :) But as you can tell the kids were super excited! And my living room is looking lovely with all the loot.


Courtney said...

Ellie is so funny-I love that girl! Don't you love to see them SO proud of themselves?!

Team Leslie said...

Saw your comments on our blog - you're so sweet:) Fun to keep up this way. Your children are precious!

MKHKKH said...

I think Ellie is ready for show biz! Give Hads another year or two and I bet she will be too. :0)