Sunday, May 09, 2010

A FUN, Field Day

Last Friday, Gavin's school had Field Day. He had a blast. I made it late, as I had to drop Ellie off at school, but Hadley and I were able to make the last hour or so. He had so much fun, and it was really cute to see him and all his classmates, run around and have a really, really, FUN day at school!! I still can't believe we have days until I have First grader. Gavin reminds me daily just how many days are left....

Jumping Rope:

Football toss through Hula Hoops:
Throwing a giant airplane onto a landing strip:
Three Legged Race:
Wheelbarrow Racing with Lily- They won their race:
See them getting ahead??
Hula Contest:
Yard Golf, those trips to Mema and Pepas Cabin have paid off:
Sharing TCBY with his sister. He is such a sweet boy:
His Class enjoying their frozen yogurt:

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