Sunday, May 09, 2010


I feel so lucky to have three little kids constantly around me that call me Mommy. I LOVE BEING A MOM.

Blessed. Grateful. Lucky.

I had a great Mother's Day. Woke up to Breakfast in bed. French toast with bacon. YUM-O!
Hadley did not want a picture this morning...

Got dressed and took some pictures playing outside before heading to church. Hadley would only get in the pictures when we were playing. If we tried to take a "picture" she would run away.

Went to lunch at my favorite restaurant and then headed back home to hop in bed and finish reading a book I have been reading, The Help. Then went outside to play with the kids at the park while Daddy made us dinner. Eggplant Pasta, it's one of my favorites...and yes...a Pioneer Woman Recipe.

Got some great gifts that I didn't know I wanted or needed, but am excited about. And the kids were SUPER excited to give them to me. Frank is always so thoughtful like that. I feel sorry for the guy because when he asks me what I want, I really can never think of anything. But he always surprises me with things I love. He took the kids to help pick out my gifts. I think Ellie really wants my purse and has ever since she was at the "purse" store. She's been playing with it on and off all day.
Hadley still didn't want a picture. I LOVE this picture below of her. I keep laughing every time I look at it. She just kept telling us "NO" when we'd ask her to take a picture with Mommy. For those of you who don't believe me, this is proof.

Got the best little homemade cards and gifts.
Gavin's card says, "My Special Mother, By Gavin. My Mother is the most wonderful Mom in the world. She's as pretty as a flower. She weighs 99 lbs. and is 80 feet tall. Her favorite food is Chick Fil A. In the good ol' days when Mom was little she used to play outside. I think mom is funny when she tickles me. But I know she's really angry when she sees us break glass. I wish Mom would go swimming with me everyday. I wouldn't trade my "Mother" for spaghetti and meatballs. Happy Mother's Day."
I LOVE THIS CARD. I think it's so cute what all he said. It made me laugh and cry when I read it. What a keepsake. And the picture of him is with his favorite chick that hatched in his class last week, Black Jack. It was "the special" one because he had black feathers. So cute!

We ended the day with chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas that Daddy made. :)

Mother's Day. I love this day.

Like I said earlier...feeling LUCKY.


Courtney said...

What a great day! Gavin's card was adorable. And I love your new purse-way to go Frank!
Your Hadley is a little fire cracker-I was laughing so hard at that picture of her on the table. Classic.

parsonsfamily said...

What a fun day! Frank has great taste. I think the part of the day I was most jealous of was you getting to finish that book! I've been working on that same one for a while now.

Our Life Together said...

Looks like a fabulous day! You are such an amazing mommy and totally deserve it all!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Lucky we are! Looks like you had a wonderful Mommy's Day.

ashley said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I love that Frank gets in the kitchen & cooks for you & the family! Maybe he can give James some tips sometime! LOL!

tayton said...

I can't stand how precious those kids are and a gold star for Frank! Does it get any sweeter? Happy mother's day to a wonderful mother!

Kristyn said...

You are one lucky mommy with three awesome kids! You also have a special hubby :) I can't believe he makes you breakfast in bed! I'm glad that you had such a great day!

Kelly Denise said...

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