Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spirit Day

When Ellie first went to Preschool my mom had bought her an Aggie Cheerleader outfit for Spirit Day. Yes, she was 2 that year. It was a little Big that year, but she wore it anyway and looked cute. Last year, we pulled out the SAME A&M outfit and it fit PERFECTLY. This year Spirit day snuck up on me. My thinking earlier in the month was that I would buy Ellie something new, probably a Texan's jersey (as she loves the Texans ever since her Daddy took her to a game). And Hadley was going to wear the hand-me-down Aggie outfit. Well, like I said, it snuck up on me. Actually the night before as I was leaving a girls night, a friend asked what she was wearing. Oops. Well, I only had ONE outfit- the Aggie cheerleader. So I figured Hadley wouldn't even really know if she wasn't wearing a spirit shirt, but Ellie would. So guess what she wore for the third year in a row?!? Yep, the Aggie Cheerleader outfit. One outfit, three years, I'd say that was a GOOD buy. :) You see- these are the benefits of having a child that hardly grows each year. This year it fit, but was a little more Dallas Cheerleader like. She couldn't lift her arms at all without it showing her belly. But she wore it proudly and loved it. Here she is before school showing off her moves:


parsonsfamily said...

such a cute little cheerleader!! I'd definitely say you got your money's worth out of that outfit!

Shannon said...

Her name fits perfectly then...Ellie Belly! : ) Adorable for the third year in a row. I almost put Finn in the same U of A jersey but it was actually too short...little Finn grew--yahoo!!!