Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Weekend With Robert

This past weekend our nephew Robert was baptized. Scott and Tay flew into town for the weekend and we were able to spend some time with them and love on their little guy. Oh he is getting so BIG, and is just so cute. And our kids could not love him more. I think G thinks of him as the little brother he doesn't have, and Ellie and Hadley just adore him as well.
Ah.... how I wish they lived closer.....
Here are a few pictures from our weekend...
At the Baptism:
Wearing matching outfits:
And Before he left the other day, G just knew Robert wanted him to read him a story. It was so cute watching him be so gentle with Robert and saying things like, "Robert, do you want to turn the page?" And grabbing his little hand to help turn the page. It was adorable. He got two books from Gav.
And if G gets to read him two books, of course Ellie has to read two as well:

They love this little guy. We all do.

We miss you already Robert!! Thanks for coming in town to visit, looking forward to March already when we get to see you again!!!


stacy said...

He's a handsome little guy, and looks just like Frank's dad.

Kristyn said...

That is So sweet! Your kids have the most beautiful hearts! Gavin is just such a sweet hearted boy. He would love to have a baby brother :)

tayton said...

Great photos and a great weekend. The kids are so sweet with him! Robert is lucky to have wonderful cousins! Love you guys!