Sunday, January 31, 2010


The house was awfully quite. So I went to find the girls who were playing in Ellie's room with the door closed. They were behaving having a picnic on the floor, and I thought it was cute as they both clutched their dolls. I got my camera and asked them to smile. Hadley has this new crinkle your nose, close your eyes, and try to show all your teeth smile.
Up until recently the child would scream when she saw my camera come out. I tried hard to get a Christmas card picture, but gave up and ended up using a picture from Destin for our card. Everyone kept asking, "Are you sure she's your child?" Well, looks like she's finally come around. And she will actually ask me now to take her picture. Not sure what has gotten into her. Guess she's loving her new smile.


parsonsfamily said...

so so cute....I think Hadley reminds me so much of Gavin in that picture.

Kelly Marler said...


Courtney said...

I'm liking the new camera smile a lot! They definitely look like sisters.