Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ellie Belly..

Tonight Ellie was with me in her room and asked me to get down a dress up dress that had gotten hung in her closet. I gave it to her and she was smiling soooo big. I had no clue what the dress what going to be tonight. But all of the sudden she hurried and put it on and told me Daddy was going to be SOOOO excited. I walked into the other room and I hear her yell down to Frank, "Daaaadddy....your going to be sooooo excited....wait til you see your little love girl." And she ran downstairs and ran as fast as she could with the biggest smile into his arms. She quickly informed him that they were getting married and that he was her husband and I (Mommy) was now a kid. He was only married to her. She held Franks hand all around the house. Held his hand outside as he was doing stuff to the pool. Kept telling him, "Be careful and don't let my wedding dress get wet." And she told him that after he works downstairs, she wants him to come snuggle her in her bed. She is smitten with her Daddy. I used to think it was just a phase...but I am starting to think she may not come back around to me. It sure is cute to see her so in love with him. And was too cute to not document on here. The girl loves her Daddy!!

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Tanni said...

very sweet! :)