Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

With all he does for us...we were excited to celebrate Him this weekend. We had a lot of fun with Daddy. Friday night we did "tent city." We all slept in the game room in our "tent." We played, sang, danced, read books, and told ghost stories. It was fun.
Saturday morning we got up and went to breakfast at our favorite little breakfast joint, The Egg and I. After some berry french toast, green chili eggs, and hazelnut coffee we headed to Academy. What guy doesn't like that store? We prowled around there and picked up a few fishing poles and then headed home. We put the kids down early and then went to an early dinner when they woke up. We ate at the Melting Pot. The kids love fondue. We had a yummy meal of I'm pretty sure everything they offer there...
and then it was home for our family wii competition.

After a little Mario Olympics with the kids, Frank and I put the kids to bed and relaxed.

This morning Ellie was eager to tell Daddy Happy Father's Day at 6:15 AM. So I took her out so Daddy could sleep in. We went and got Daddy his favorite HEB chocolate chip muffins and coffee at Starbucks. Luckily he was still in bed by the time we got home so we could serve him in bed. :)
Hadley got in a fight with her chocolate chip muffin and apparently she lost...
Then it was off to church, the mall (to pick out Daddy a new swimsuit), and then back home for a whole lot of swimming and snowcones.
It was a jam packed weekend, but was actually relaxing to do what we wanted, when we wanted. We had no where we had to be and that was really nice. :) Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy in the entire world. We hope you had fun as we celebrated you and all you do for us!! XOXOXO


Our Life Together said...

Looks like a great Father's Day weekend! We are so lucky to have such wonderful men in our lives. Glad he enjoyed it!!!

Audrey said...

I am starting a playgroup for our little ones and wanted to invite you guys. Would you be interested? Not sure the date or time yet, just seeing who may want to come! Let me know!

Toni said...

Y'alls family is just the cutest! Love the green matching outfits on the kids. Cute pictures!