Saturday, October 18, 2008

8 Months Today

Loves: crawling, pulling up, climbing stairs, clapping for herself, Gavin, Ellie, books, fruit, puffs, anything we are eating that she can't have, laughing, being held, exploring, baths, pools, rivers (anything in the water), swinging, dancing, being sung to, looking at herself in the mirror, her crochet blanket, balls, dolls, cars, playing crawling chase, music, and putting anything and everything into her mouth, and a new one...biting Mommy(my first kid to enjoy it and laugh- GREAT...).

Hates: naps, sleeping, being put down, not being able to see anyone, vegetables, her paci, and Gavin and Ellie going to school.

2/3 of the way to a YEAR OLD- I can not believe it. Stop Growing. Stop teaching yourself new tricks. You are supposed to stay little and be my baby.

On a happy note, Hadley has slept from 7:30pm- 6:30-7am-ish the last three days. This is the longest this child has EVER slept. Sadly as it usually goes, the first night she slept that long I got the stomach bug all night....luckily Frank had just flown in from being out of town all week. Anyway, we are hoping and praying that this new sleeping thing is going to stick!!!

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