Monday, June 02, 2008

Pretty As a Princess
Ellie had princess camp this week and LOVED it. I signed her up for it months ago as I just knew it would fill up fast. It was a dance camp where they dress up like princesses, dance, paint nails and do make-up, and have a princess lunch and tea. It was right up Ellie's ally!! It made me laugh though the first day I picked her up because she was ALL MADE UP. Looked kind of funny on my sweet little 2.5 year old that I dropped off so innocent looking at the door. She came out with red eye shadow, lipstick, glitter on her entire body and hair, and a silver sequin headband to boot. I'm not sure how "princess-y" she looked, but she sure had fun! She comes home and goes straight to her princess vanity now and does her hair and make-up. Too cute! I love watching my little girl be so girly.
First day of Princess Camp- in this picture Ellie looks so much like my sister Shannon as a little girl:

Ellie and Lexie

Princess Camp day 2

Mommy did an updo for me


parsonsfamily said...

she is a little princess!!! Those pics are adorable. Where was princess camp? Let's get together sometime next week...just let me know!

Kathryn said...

She IS a princess!!!

Kristyn said...

What a cutie pie!!! I hope one of these days I have a little girl :)

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! I can't believe there is a Princess Camp! Your pictures are beautiful.
My Princess would want a Tom Boy Camp! Or any excuse to dig in the dirt. LOL!


Toni said...

Oh, I love it! So cute!

Marlers said...

Love it! She is beautiful!! I feel like I live in Princess Land 24/7! Wonder why??? :)) Miss you!!

Emily said...

Oh, that is precious! I love that they got all dolled up. I bet they had a great time!