Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Ellie's 8!

Ellie had the week long birthday celebration. We had her party with her friends and cousins and then because Frank had to go out of town early we invited our parents over the day before her birthday to celebrate.

Syd came over and had made here this yummy birthday poster.

She requested chocolate cake:

My nephew, her cousin, Mitchell came and said goodbye to all of us before leaving for college:

Mema, Pepa and Nanny came to celebrate:

And Pawpaw:

She REALLY wanted Saige for her birthday & Frank drove there during his lunch break downtown to fulfill her wish:

On her real birthday Daddy was out of town so we sent him lots of pictures throughout the day as he hated missing it. She had a special breakfast and we sang to her:

Then we got dressed to go bowling. But as we were leaving I had her go look at something in the garage:

She was pretty excited to get a bigger bike with speeds. :) And surprised too!!

We headed to Main Event for a little bowling and video games:

And then came home and opened more presents. She has been wanting a personal calendar, so I made her one. This girl likes to be organized like her Mama!

It's pretty safe to say turning 8 was great! She had a fun, long week celebrating!

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