Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cheer Team

Last year Ellie's tumbling coach had talked her into trying cheer team. I let her go one time and then got scared away by the commitment and practice times. But I made a deal with her. If she were to try dance this year and she didn't like it, I'd let her try out for competitive cheer this year. After three classes she quit dance back in the fall. This girl didn't forget my promise and still wanted to try out for cheer team, so we let her. She was very excited to try out. But then she didn't make the team she really wanted. She was too little and they want her to learn to be a flyer because of her size. She is okay with it now because all she really cares about is being on a team. After two practices she is making friends and really liking being part of team. This little one will be competing in cheer competitions this next fall:
She is ready, and has been doing lots of practicing.

I love watching my kids do what they love. And this is definitely what Ellie loves right now. 


Courtney said...

WOW! She will make a great cheerleader! She's really growing up and looking so much like you!

Scott said...

Proud of you glue stick