Monday, April 08, 2013


I really could care less about my birthday. But my hubby and kids like to spoil me. For my birthday I got an early morning Starbucks and some beautiful flowers from my hubby. The kids picked me out some bright colored new running shoes that are awesome. But my favorite gift was a new camera. You never know how much you will miss it until it is gone. My camera got dropped over spring break and wasn't fixable. I debated switching brands from canon to nikon. But after playing with each, I decided to go with the Canon again. I did buy a heavier duty one this go round so hopefully I will have it a bit longer than my last three. :)

I had a really relaxing day and enjoyed mini bundt cake(s) for my cake of choice.

I was telling my sister that when you have "C" you age quite a 35 sounds young still. It's all about how you feel anyway. Not the number, right?!?

Thirty. Five.
I am blessed.


Courtney said...

Happy 35 my beautiful friend! You wear it well. :)
Miss you, hope we can get together this year. My 35 is this fall-let's celebrate!

MKHKKH said...

Happy Birthday Lacey! Lookin pretty fine at 35 to me! hope it is great one. I agree with Court! Lets celebrate!

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Happy birthday!
Hope you had a wonderful day!