Friday, February 15, 2013

Mitchell's Last Game

Last week my nephew had his last Home Basketball game. I was full of emotion as I drove to his LAST game...trying to figure out how he was old enough to be a senior in High School. How time has gone so quickly. This is the same kid that I distinctly remember everything about the exact location and time when I heard of his birth. (It's so clear it seems like yesterday) The same kid who was in a diaper as he dropped me off at college. And now, he is going to college. (Texas A&M---Whoop!) Hard to believe he is almost 18. Hard to believe I have watched him grow up from an infant into this young man. It was emotional as the buzzer rang and he was finished with his last Basketball game. A sport we have been watching him play for 14 years. I am so proud of him and the young man he has grown to be. And it was a great way for him to end his season as they won the game and where crowned the District Champions. I started crying like I was  his mother. But I really am just one PROUD Aunt--- and a very sentimental one at that.

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