Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Disney World- Day 6

Our last Full day. We couldn't believe that the trip was almost over. We let everyone pick their favorite rides and we decided we would park hop to all of their favorites one last time. We started the morning in Hollywood Studios. Hadley's favorite pick was the new Toy Story Ride, and Gavin's pick was the Tower of Terror. He also wanted to ride Rockin' Roller coaster which we never had a chance to ride the first day because the line was too long. Soooo...those were the first we were going to hit. We caught the bus from our hotel and were at the park when it opened.

The boys ran to get fast passes for Toy Story and the girls and I headed to the Tower of Terror to get in line. The boys met us back and we didn't hardly have to wait long to do one last ride on the Tower of Terror.

That is the hotel that you to to the top of and then fall in the background. It was such a great ride.

Photographers are all over the place and we took advantage of our Photopass...this photographer wanted to put things in our pictures..she did balloons..

We had lunch at the Hop and Vine for Hadley. It has Disney Junior Characters that you get to meet while you eat.

Disney's Shake It Up was having a concert when we were done with lunch. We got front row and Ellie and Hadley went out to dance with them. My girls LOVE Shake It Up. :)

Before we left we did the Rockin' Roller coaster. It was another of our Favorites in all of Disney World. So much fun. Hadley and Ellie weren't tall enough so we had to do swap passes. The girls had fun getting Minnie Mouse Cheerleader tattoos while we swapped and rode. The ride goes 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds and it blares Aerosmith music in your ear while you ride and do loops in the dark.

After we left Hollywood studios we headed back to Magic Kingdom for the Little Mermaid ride and Big Thunder Mountain.
It isn't a Morgan family Vacation without the jumping pictures. I thought in front of the castle would be fun.

Our photographer did another "magical" picture...

It started raining and the park just cleared. We weren't scared though. We ran into Gaston from Beauty and the Beast while walking around. He challenged Gavin to an arm wrestling match. Ha!

After leaving Magic Kingdom we took the boat to the Wilderness Lodge. We had dinner reservations at the show Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue.

We ate dinner and watched the show. It was a great way to end the trip.

We made it home just in time to watch the Alabama Football game and to see our last water show from our room.

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Courtney said...

OK, who had the most fun?!?! I love your face on the Rockin' Roller ride! So fun to have all the family photos through the photopass plus they offer. Great idea!