Friday, December 21, 2012

School Christmas Parties

It was the week of Christmas parties!!! Here is a recap...

Hadley's party was Wednesday and she did a craft making a Shepard's cane----(candy cane ornament), a book exchange, sang to baby Jesus, ate cupcakes, and played around with her girlfriends. She also gave me a gift that she has been working on and was excited for me to open!

On Thursday I was up at the big kids school ALL day. I had Gavin's 3rd grade party where I led the grade level bingo so I didn't get many pictures of him (nor did I get to spend much time with him besides when he was playing bingo). He was very excited to Bingo one of the games while he was with me. And I was given compliment after compliment on his behavior at school. I am so proud of this boy. He DID have a fun day even though I didn't document it.

In the afternoon I moved to 1st grade where they were having an "Around the World" celebration, learning about different countries at Christmas. I got to teach about France and I made crepes for the class to try. Afterwards Ellie did a book exchange and had a Christmas cookie.

Today was their last day of school. Ahhh...I am so ready for no early morning alarms going off and no buses to catch. I am looking forward to no Lunch boxes to be packed or homework to be done. Most importantly I'm looking forward to spending time with these littles celebrating Christmas! 
Merry Almost Christmas!

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