Thursday, December 20, 2012

3rd Grade Project- "Celebrations"

Each year each grade does a "Big" project at school. Gavin's third grade project was to chose a holiday that no one else was doing and do a presentation teaching others about the holiday along with making a float that they drag around the school. He was dreading the project as he dreads all homework that takes time away from him playing baseball or football outside with the boys. But he had a great idea to use legos and thankfully I had kept all his old ones. So, it began....

And he finished and was so proud of his project on Patriot Day (also known as 9/11). He originally wanted to put little lego figures on top of the buildings like they were going to jump off and a plane hanging out of the top of one...but I didn't think the school would appreciate that. So, here is what we came up with:

He came home after his presentation and was beaming saying that his teacher and another Both had told him GREAT job and he was sure that he got a "100." Turns out he was right. :)

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