Monday, September 10, 2012


We have known for awhile that Frank's company was going to get bought out. It became official September 1st. Although, they are keeping the same name, Interconn- Tauber Oil owns the majority of their company now. Tauber is a Houston based company. This means a few changes for Frank.

For our entire marriage, Frank has either worked from home or Market Street (which is extremely close to home). We are used to seeing him in the mornings and close to 5:30 in the evenings. We are used to having lunch dates, and him going shopping with us on market street during lunch. The kids are used to having him pop in their school for lunch and be at their class parties. We are used to seeing Daddy a lot.

Well...Tauber owns their own building in the River Oaks area (Not close to home). And Frank is running the gas trading division. Sooo....guess who has to dress up a little more for work and commute?!?!? 


Last week he had his first week of commuting. It wasn't too bad. He leaves at 5:45am so we missed seeing him for breakfast. I missed him making the kids lunches and all his help in the morning. Thankfully, he has been leaving the office early (4pm-ish) to miss the traffic home so the commute is only an hour (yes without traffic) and he is home still around 5:30ish.

Here is Daddy on his first day to the new office last week:

We miss not having him close by all the time but are so proud of him too!!! He is really excited to be running the Trading division. And we are once again thankful for a job that he loves.


Grandma Tic-Tac said...

Congratulations Frank! I am so proud of you! You will all adjust pretty quickly to the new "regular day" schedule soon enough. Even the commute won't be a big deal. :)

Hope the kiddos are ok with the new "lunch box chef" :)

It's all great!!

Love you all!

Urs said...

Congrats Frank!