Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Her First Tooth

Funny how things happen. Today at a play date my friends and I were talking about loose teeth. We were wiggling Ellie's. They moved a little...but not a lot. We have been wiggling or trying to wiggle teeth for over a year now. Most kids Ellie's age have lost teeth and she has been waiting patiently. Seriously, a couple times a month she has me feel to see if any are loose. Today I told her one was loose. So tonight before bed she asked me, "Can you pull it?" I was not trying to pull it, I just thought I'd give it a good tug to see if I could loosen it a little. It wasn't THAT loose. To my surprise I pulled it out!! We were all going crazy. My baby girl finally lost her first tooth and she couldn't be more excited. I still remember the day she got that exact tooth that she lost today. It was her first tooth. We were moving into the house we live in now on her 6 month birthday and my Mother in Law found the tooth as she was watching her, but didn't want to tell me because she wanted me to find it on my own. :)
Since loosing the tooth fifteen minutes ago, Ellie has asked me how she is going to eat now, and can't wait to show her friends because they may not recognize her. Ha! And most importantly, she is SOOO excited because her name gets to go on the chart at school now!! Before bed she proclaimed,  "Today was the BEST day EVER!!!!"
I wonder what the Tooth Fairy will bring her tonight. I am not sure if she was prepared for her to loose a tooth already. :)

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ashley said...

That's so funny! I can't believe you were just playing & actually pulled her tooth out! LOL! You guys have had lots of exciting things happening in your family lately!