Wednesday, December 21, 2011

For Those Who Have Been Asking...

Here is what Clark has been up to since I last posted about him.

He was very naughty one night and exchanged the stockings for the kids undies and then had his hands over his mouth laughing about it.

He must get tired of the humidity and heat because we found him like this the next night in the fridge. Glad he remembered his earmuffs from the North Pole

This silly Elf made a zip line across the living room. We had some excited kids when they found this in the morning.

The kids always like when they find Clark in their room. He was first in Ellie's room taking Barbie on a joy ride in the Jeep.

Next was Hads room, he thought it would be fun to ride the bird in the bird cage. He was very sneaky because all three kids were asleep under the bird cage that night.

He jumped in the Claw Machine in Gavs room.

And this morning he was playing Ellie's guitar by the tree.

Gavin and Ellie both have been writing Santa a lot of letters. Last week Gavin told Santa "You may want to check on Clark because he has been a little "nody" in our house." LOL.


Kristyn said...

Oh my goodness girl!!!! Clarke has the best ideas!!! I am seriously going to have to borrow some of those ideas next year :)

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Such good ideas!!!

Love that Gavin told Santa about Clarks naughtiness. :-)