Friday, December 02, 2011

Game Night

Nine years ago Frank and I were invited to join a young married couples small group at church. We met some of our closest friends in that group. Most of these girls knew us as newlyweds, and have watched our family grow from two to five. Although, we are no longer in small group together we still get together quite often and one of our regular girls nights is game night.  Last night Christmas pokeeno was at my house. We have been playing pokeeno for 8 years now. Although some were missing, 12 of us got together last night, to eat lots of food, laugh a whole lot and play pokeeno. I am so blessed to have these girls in my life.


Our Life Together said...

Had a blast! Love being part of the pokeeno club.

Jenni said...

FUN NIGHT! Thanks for including me back in the group!!! LOL!!!! It did seem just like yesterday. I remember Katherine walking w me to the bus and inviting me to small group!!! WOW that is nuts how long ago that was!!!