Friday, December 02, 2011

Clark is Back!!

The kids were so EXCITED to find Clark had come back from the North Pole. They were jumping up and down, pointing at him, and screaming his name.

I love having him back. I find the kids talking to him when they have no idea I am listening. Telling him about their day, to tell Santa hello, and leaving him notes and treats to bring back to the North Pole. Frank and I are loving reading the the letters that they leave him. Here is one from Gavin the first night he came.

Dear Clark, I am so glad your back. You always bring joy to our house and we are so glad your back. Thank you for coming. You always have very good places to hide. Last year I loved it when you were in my room. Thank you for coming early. We're so happy now. Can you say hit to Santa for me? Tell him it's from me.
This one is from Ellie she thinks he needs tiny notes so they can fit in his pocket:

Dear Clark, I miss you so much. I love you.

This was the letter Gavin left Clark the next night.

Dear Clark, Good hiding spot. I love it how you smile big. Thanks for coming early this year. I'm about to send give you my Christmas list. I'm glad your back. From, Gavin

Our little Elf, Clark, will be with us until Santa comes. I think Frank and I enjoy having him here as much as the kids do!


Kristyn said...

We started this Tradition in our home this year and Jayce is LOVING it!!! I love how much your kids love it! I hope that mine do over the years. :)

ashley said...

We got the Elf on the Shelf this year too. Although, ours is a girl & Abigail named her Katie. It's hard to remember to hide it somewhere new every night. But, it's so much fun to see how excited Abigail gets when she finds him every morning.

P.S. I love the notes to Clark! What a treasure!