Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey Dance

On Tuesday in Ballet, Hadley had her first turkey dance recital. She was excited that Daddy and I got to come into the room. They showed us their dance and then they asked for all the Daddy's to come up and do the dance with their daughters. Guess who wanted Mommy to dance with her instead? I tried and the teacher tried talking her into dancing with her Daddy. But she just wasn't having it. She ran to the chairs. So I walked out there and did the turkey dance with her. She is a cute little turkey. Not sure why she didn't want Daddy dancing with her. Maybe because that is what they wanted her to do and she likes to dance to her own beat. Sometimes with her it is best to just say the opposite of what you want to get her to do something. Ha! But I enjoyed my dance with her. ;0)

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