Monday, November 14, 2011

Princess Bubble Bath

Princess Bubble Bath was the Indian name Hadley chose for herself this year. :) She was VERY excited that Frank and I were both coming to eat lunch with her today for her Thanksgiving Feast. They made their outfits and all looked so cute.
Hads helped me make fruit kabobs for the feast. She was very excited to share them.

They make these cute little place mats every year. I still have every single one the other kids have made through the years.

Here comes our little Indian. Princess Bubble Bath.

Hads and her girlfriends were all giggles. Daddy was doing something funny above me while I tried to get a shot of them. ;)

I love her preschool. It has definitely been a blessing to our family over the last six years. I can not believe that we only have one more Thanksgiving feast there. Now that is hard to believe.


Our Life Together said...

How FUN! That is one cute, photogenic Princess you have there. Sounds like a great feast.

ashley said...

How in the world are you able to update your blog so quickly? Seriously, I'm impressed! I LOVE the name Princess Bubble Bath, that's too cute & shows Hadley's spunky personality! I love the Thanksgiving Feast @ Sonkids, they do such a good job!

Courtney said...

What a funny girl. Love the name! She is growing up and becoming a little girl.

Tanni said...

Love love love the name....something you will remember forever...thanks for sharing. :)

tayton said...

lol. Princess bubble bath! Love all the new photos, missed you guys this Thanksgiving!