Thursday, July 07, 2011

Our First Visit to McAllen

We just got back from another road trip. This time we went to McAllen, Texas to visit Aunt Tay, Uncle Scott, and Robert. We had a great time as we always do. We usually visit them every summer in El Paso, but this was our first trip to their new home in McAllen. We had such a great time. We arrived to my favorite meal, Salpicon and coconut cake. Tay was nice enough to text us pictures of the meal awaiting us as we were driving. It was hard not to speed. :)

They live in a town called, Sherryland and it was gorgeous. The community pool was awesome and the kids LOVED it. Even Ellie and Hads got to do the water slides. I like their rules, if you can swim and pass their swim test, you can ride. I wish they had that rule here...poor Ellie is never tall enough for anything and she's been swimming since she was two. To say she was excited to ride the slides, would be an understatement. We all rode them and had a blast. Even Hadley passed the swim test. I think the life guards were a little surprised.

We also went and saw the Rio Grande River. Across the way is good ol' Mexico. Border patrol was out in full force down there. Kind of surreal to be standing on the edge/border of the United States.

We stopped to look at this old Mission. It was so neat to see the area, there is a lot to see.

We also made a quick stop to see Uncle Scott's plane. The kids think it's so cool that their uncle flies planes and helps catch bad guys. Pretty amazing to think about what he really does. We are so proud of him and it was neat to see his plane in person.

Tay is an awesome seamstress. She has an embroidery machine and is constantly making some sort of cute outfit, shirt, pillow, etc. The kiddos were so excited when she let them pick out a bag and design it all themselves. Font, colors, what was going on it. And she also taught them to sew. Even Gavin sewed his bag. G chose a football helmet and made it the Steelers colors with the number 7 on it. Ellie chose rainbow bright letters with flowers and Hads all she wanted was her name and in purple. They turned out so cute and the kids have been carrying them around everywhere since being home.

We loved getting to spend time with them and especially the Bearzo...a.k.a Manilow...and....Robert. He is such a cutie and we were so excited that he remembered us. He grabbed my hand immediately and walked me to the flowers in their garden when I got there. We got lots of hugs, kisses, and nose beeps. :) Our kids love him and he loves them. I love that. And I love watching their bond continue to grow.

And as always, we enjoyed us some Mexican food. There are many advantages to living near the border.... :)

It was a fantastic trip...

Ellie cried for over an hour when we left. And then Gavin and Ellie was a fun first hour. NOT. Anyway, we were sad to go but glad we were able to spend quality time with them and make great memories. The four days went by WAY TOO FAST.

Thanks for a great Long Weekend Scott and Tay!!! We love all three of you!!!


tayton said...

That was great! What a wonderful weekend we shared. I can't thank you enough for making the trip. You'll never know how much it means to us. I just love the time we share and getting to see those kiddos personalities.

There's a house for sale next door, right Ellie? If only it were that simple. Love you cats!

Team Dale said...

SO FUN! Love the cake!! Looks like another GREAT event in your fun filled summer...Loved the river love the plane LOVE THE BAGS!! ALL your PICTURES are AWESOME!!