Sunday, March 13, 2011


After Frank got home from Montana, he left again for another week to Birmingham. So I was REALLY busy being a single mom. Which is why I haven't been blogging as much as I usually do. So, I want to go back to a few events I meant to blog, but time just got away from me.

Mother/Son School Dance- I lost all the pictures I took when my computer crashed so thankfully I waited in the long line to get our pictures taken by the photographer. :) G and I had a fun night and actually danced quite a bit on the dance floor. I was telling him all week I was going to dance the robot, break dance, etc. He kept getting all embarrased so I was surprised when we got there and he was asking me if I was going to do those things?? I did show him the robot, but didn't want to totally humilate him with breakdancing. LOL. He was really sweet and was a complete gentleman on our date. We ate at Rico's and then headed to his school to dance the night away. :)

Frank and I hardly ever get away over night. It is VERY rare. But my sister called from Dallas and really wanted to give us a night or two away and wanted to spend time with the kids. So I took her up on it. She is a GREAT sister and Aunt. I still can't believe she drove four hours here to babysit them. The kids had a blast with her while we went to the Houstonian. Our neighbors went with us and it was SO MUCH fun. We stayed in the concierge lounge for hors' devours and drinks and then went to eat in their restaurant downstairs which was phenomenal. Afterwards we headed back up to the concierge lounge and played cards while we ate dessert and had after dinner drinks. We love the Houstonian and were happy to get a short little getaway. I think we are going to plan another one soon. :)


parsonsfamily said...

Fun, fun...a night away!!! I love all of the sweet activities Bush does for families. I really hope that we are able to come back by the time the kiddos are in school so that we can enjoy them!
I can't wait to catch up next month!! Maybe we can do a girls' night at Ricos or something!

Our Life Together said...

So sweet! I love seeing the tings that I will get to experience with luke too. Love that you two had so much fun. Always look forward to your posts.