Monday, March 14, 2011

Lady Antebellum

We last minute decided to take the kiddos to the rodeo last Friday. We were going to go with some friends for an adult night out, but after asking three people to babysit, we decided we couldn't go. But then our friends decided they didn't want to go and offered us the tickets to take our kids. So we hurried home, got our get up on and headed to the RODEO!! The kids had an absolute blast. G got the cowboys and cowgirls to autograph a little book and then we sat and ATE (and ate and ate some more) as we watched the rodeo and then Lady Antebellum take the stage. We had awesome seats. Thank you McKellar Family!!

Before we left we had our 9 year old neighbor take our picture.
Her Turkey leg was almost as big as she is;
Her First Rodeo, and she LOVED it!
Cotton Candy, snow cones, and funnel cakes...what's not to like...
We stayed until it was over. We heard every single song. We were shocked the kids made it all night. But they were all three out before we were out of the parking lot.


Kelly said...

Awww! I LOVE that you all made it a family night! Will u adopt me? It was a great show!

Ashley McWhorter said...

So bummed we weren't able to go. Glad y'all were able to enjoy the tickets and have a family night. :)

Kristyn said...

FUN FUN FUN!!!! I am sad to say I think we are going to miss going this year. We've had a busy few weeks, and don't think going to the rodeo is in our cards. The kids looked super cute!!! Glad you guys had a great family night!