Tuesday, October 19, 2010

90th Surprise Party

Today my Nanny turns 90. Yes, I did say Ninety. And she so full of spunk. To celebrate this big birthday my mom and aunt rented out a part of the Black Eyed Pea (her favorite restaurant) and invited 65 of her closest friends. She was surprised, and it was so cute to see how much she enjoyed it. For those of you who know my Grandma, you know she is amazing. For those of you who don't, she is VERY active. She to this day has the most volunteered hours at our local hospital here. She drives. She lives by herself. And for all her friends that I didn't know, I had to ask, "Are you a friend from the hospital, garden club, bridge club, or lunch bunch?" She recently told my father in law that she is thinking of taking up Golf again and misses the Country Club.
I feel so very fortunate to have her as my Nanny. And that my kids know their Great-grandma. I am always asking what her secret is. She does and has always taken vitamins, but I think staying active is the key. I think all of us in the family hope to be like her and enjoy life like she does at 90. Happy Birthday Nanny, I love you!!!


Our Life Together said...

Lookin' good for 90...that is for sure!

Team Leslie said...

Wow, what a beautiful lady! You are blessed to have such a wonderful role model:)