Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow- It's a New Decade. Weren't we all just consumed with Y2K? Seriously, I can remember that like yesterday, and here we are embarking on 2010. Time really does go quickly. Kind of sad. This is one of those moments when you really realize how fast time flies, and how you should try and not take a single day for granted. Our time here is short, goes fast, and we should really soak it all up while we can.

So I was thinking about what my New Years resolutions would be...and well...I could pretty much copy and paste my list from last year. Guess I didn't do so well. LOL.

Here is last year, and in red my goal for this year:

1. Finally participate in the Chevron Houston Marathon. (should be able to check this one off next weekend as I'm signed up to run the 1/2). Okay this one was accomplished.
2. Get back to eating healthy. Been in a "holiday rut" lately. Too much sugar...need to get back to veggies, fruits, and some raw healthy stuff. Not only for me, but for my kids. Back to my organic co-op. I am definitely in that Holiday rut again. Did good for a few months but then got right back to eating junk. My goal is to give up sugar for a month or two...but we'll see if this sugarholic can really do it.
3. Keep exercising after the goal is 3 times a week...we'll see.... Ha, 3 times a week...more like once or twice a week if I was lucky. I think we may join a new gym this year. I definitely want to be more active. A more realistic goal is 2 times a week, with an occasional few weeks of 3-4. We'll see.
4. Drink more water...I can go all day with nothing to drink...and I am NOT kidding. I forget to drink. Apparently it is somewhat hereditary as my sister and Grandma are the same way. Still can go an entire day without any water. My organs are probably all messed up inside. I need to get better about drinking. Seriously...this IS the year.
5. Spend more quality time with the kiddos. Especially before Gavin goes to school next year- Wahhhhh!! Well, Gavin is in school now, which makes this resolution even more important. I just want to cherish this time while they want to play with me and spend time with me. I will be sad when these days are gone and want to soak them all up now.
6. Spend less time on the computer. Do I even try for this? I know it's impossible-what was I thinking last year.
7. Learn how to use my new Mac to the fullest (may make goal #6 hard) Not to the fullest, but I think a Mac is much more user friendly than a PC now so I must not have done too bad. Love my Mac!
8. Get more sleep. Lately I stay up late because that is my only "me" time and my only time with just Frank and I. Getting 7 hours of sleep a night would be a good reasonable goal for 2010, right?
9. Make more time for me I think I actually did do pretty good with this my resolution is to continue to
10. Go on a date at least once a month....(this shouldn't be hard now that we found an awesome babysitter!!) We didn't do once a month, but we didn't do too bad. Some months more than one date, some months none. I think I'll shoot for once a month again this year.
11. Take another Family Vacation with the kiddos. We did it and will definitely do it again!
12. And maybe just maybe...a trip for just Frank and I.... we'll see.... We made a weekend trip, but are going on a longer trip this year. That was our big Christmas gift to each we just need to decide where to go. So I will make this a resolution again this year, because I know I should be able to keep to this one. :)

So, maybe I didn't do so bad after all. I was 5/12 last year. We'll see how this year goes.

I hope that 2010 will be a fun, healthy, and happy one for all of you. Happy New Year!!

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Courtney said...

I could just cut and paste your list. ha! The drinking water...I was so much better last time I was pregnant. Now I don't find time! The quality time with Cate...definitely! Especially since that time of being the only child is closing in on us. 1/2 you think I could squeeze it in in 2010?! ;)
Happy New Years!