Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Recap...

Christmas Eve...they can't contain their excitement:

Dinner...Lobster of course..(Love that Morgan Tradition):

A few presents from Uncle Scott and Aunt Tay before bed:

Trying to get Candy from G's new gift, the Claw Game:

Bye-Bye, Clark:

Cookies and Milk for Santa, Celery for Rudolph and the other reindeer:

Reading of Twas the NIght Before Christmas in our Jammies:

Santa and Mrs. Claus worked hard getting this ready:

She was stoked about her blue beach cruiser:

And he loved his racing big boy bike and rip rider:

Hadley loved her tent:

And thought the four wheeler was cool until we put the batteries in:

Christmas Breakfast:

Mostly smiles but a few minutes of this when she couldn't go through her sibblings stockings:

Love these faces:

Christmas Morning Spin:

Off to Mema and Pepas for a late lunch:

The Girls in the family (4 Generations):

Sisters (and a baby who wouldn't let me put her down):

A little (Big) Brother and his three sisters:

Mema and Pepa:

The next Morning...Christmas with the Morgan/Swanks:


Uncle Scott has always called Ellie, Elmers Glue...he found this for her:


We had a GREAT Christmas! Spent a good amount of time reminding the kids WHY we get and give gifts. I didn't want them getting lost and forgetting about the true meaning.

It's hard to believe Christmas is over and 2010 is on the horizon.
So that's just a little snip-it of how we celebrated.
Hope you all had a VERY MERRY one as well!!


The Guess Family said...

Love that you put the girls bows in before pictures! My girls had some crazy bed-head, but there was no way they were letting me do anything with it before they bolted downstairs! :)

Lacey said...

Ha! Actually they went to sleep with bows in their hair that night. J.k. They had total bedhead and didn't get bows until after breakfast. Hadleys hair without a bow is a complete disaster. You wouldn't see her face otherwise. She has a grown out mullet so she needs a bow to keep those bangs back. :0)

Ashley McWhorter said...

Looks like y'all had a fun and crazy Christmas just like us! :) Man, I am tired! When does school start, again?! HA! :)

MKHKKH said...

What a magical time! I loved their faces. Isn't that the best?! I hope you guys had some time to relax and enjoy it all! Happy New Year Lace!

Courtney said...

I am so sad when it's all over! Looks like a great time. Happy New Years!

Our Life Together said...

So funny! Luke loved his car until it actually ran as well. We are still working on warming up to the car.

Looks like a great Christmas filled with fun, family times.

tayton said...

Great times. We missed not celebrating with you all. Counting down the days to see you guys and hug those sweet kiddos. Their excitement on the phone was priceless! Thanks for spoiling our little man, he's not so sure what the ball popper is all about. D joins in watching the balls fly all over the room. :)