Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Almost Christmas

So why wasn't there a stink thrown when the democrats decided to have a crucial health care vote on Christmas Eve morning. Why was that allowed? What a bunch of bullies who knew they couldn't get the bill passed otherwise. I woke up to the news and it is not sitting well with me. How they can get away with this little pathetic act amazes me. Higher taxes during a recession- good job Obama. I think you really will go down as the worst President we have ever had. Given your recent ratings and these little shenanigans...hope you enjoy your last three years- because that's about all you have left Buddy. Geeze...

Okay, now I feel a little better.

What a fun week we have had. Frank has been able to take half days every day and we have been enjoying having Daddy home more. I took Ellie on a date to see Princess and the Frog, and Frank took G to see Planet 51. They both loved their movies and then we met up for some ice skating fun. Ellie was a little ice princess doing laps around everyone. G on the other hand struggled a bit. We had the walkers to help and his skates kept hitting the back of the walker and he just could hardly move. It was much easier for him when they had the smaller skates that attach to your shoes. When we were done he said, "I am not good at ice skating, I am just good at slipping." Poor kid. Thankfully he wasn't too upset about it. He tired hard and I think he did have fun despite his ability to move very fast. We then finished our lovely date at Cheesecake Factory and then headed home.

We went to our annual tea room yesterday and enjoyed a yummy lunch and some goodies.

And we finished our Lego Advent Calendar this morning. Which means Christmas is tomorrow! So hard to believe it is almost here.
G was rather sad this morning though, realizing Christmas is tomorrow. He is sad that Clark will no longer be with us and said, "All I want for Christmas is for Clark to be able to stay all year." That kid has such a sweet heart. When we leave the house, he runs to wherever Clark is and tells him goodbye each time. So cute!!

We hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Have a Merry Christmas guys!!!