Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Shower Of Blessings

Last Thursday the kids did their annual program at school. It was so cute to see them up on stage and singing every word. They have been singing to me at home and were so excited to sing for everyone. Ellie kept sucking in her cheeks like she was embarrassed, but kept on with the motions and words...I think she thought everyone was there to watch her. Gavin smiled big and I think kept waiting to see if I would cry as I told him earlier in the week, his songs were so touching I think I could cry. One of the songs he sang was "you are my sunshine." I have sung this to each of my three kiddos since the day they were placed into my arms. I have made up new songs about each of them to the tune, and it was really sweet that Gavin sang that in his very last preschool performance. Hard to believe that we have watched him in that program from a onesie to a pre'k-er. Hard to believe he is almost done with preschool and will start a new chapter of "real" school next year. And hard to believe that next year, Hadley could be up on that stage in the onesie class. My how times flies.

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Honeyman 4 said...

How awesome!