Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy, Busy..

So where have I been? What have I been up to? A whole lot. Mostly just your regular, every day stuff, but busy. Guess I should go back to Easter. We had a great Easter and despite the predicted ugly forecast it was a beautiful afternoon. We had Easter at our house this year and I decided to cook Easter dinner all by myself. Homemade rolls, potatoes gratin, green beans, ham, and a lemon custard berry tart. It turned out fabulous thanks to

Gav, Elle-bells, and Hads all had a fun time seeing all the goodies the Easter bunny left and finding Eggs.

Hadley found the first egg while we were still opening baskets and so we started our egg hunt early. We were racing room to room and then realized she wasn't following. Come to find out she was in the kitchen still with her first egg that she had thrown on the ground and found candy inside. So she was nice and happy just eating the loot she had found. Little did we know that our daughter has quite an obsession for jelly beans. The only one in the family who likes them really. But this kid screams and points to where they are until she gets one.
The day after Easter Frank left for Birmingham for work. It was a long week single momming it with three kiddos but we survived, rainy weather and all. :) It was actually kind of fun and as much as I miss Frank and would rather him home, it is a good bonding experience for us while he is gone. We did craft projects, rented movies, cooked things, and played at the park a whole lot.
During the week we went to Gavin's tennis lessons. Gavin has really taken to tennis. The girls and I play around the empty court next to his while we watch him. They love going as much as Gavin does. While Frank was out of town I told Gavin how his Daddy used to be number 2 in the U.S. and that he travelled around Europe for awhile to play. And Gavin in all seriousness said, "That's what I'm going to do...I'm going to be famous like Daddy." It was really cute. He looks up to his Daddy so much. We'll see..but so far he seems to come by the sport naturally which isn't too surprising I guess.
After Frank got home from his business trip, Uncle Scott flew in for a one night visit. The kids were so excited to see him. Gavin had been saving the last of his chocolate bunny for Uncle Scott. On Easter Scott told him on the phone that he loved chocolate bunnies. Little did Scott know Gavin would be so kind to hold onto the last bit of a bunny for him. And being the good sport he is- Uncle Scott ate it...even though Gavin had been eating over a few days and had taken it to school and back...and he still ate it... Being the sweet Uncle he is he also snuggled and slumber partied in Gavin's room all night. You can only imagine how much this meant to Gav! Thanks Scotty!

The next morning we said goodbye to Uncle Scott, Daddy and Dan who drove to Dallas to see Jimmy Buffet.
They said it was an amazing concert, and the kids and I survived being alone for almost an entire week and weekend. ;0)

This week has pretty much been the same ol' same ol'. The Easter bunny was kind enough to leave the kids two Grow a Frog pets. Our tadpoles arrived yesterday and boy were they excited. So Lily and Freddy have now been officially adopted into the Morgan family. They arrived yesterday and once getting them, I was putting their aquariums together and realized Ellies has a big crack in it. We tried to exchange it but our local toy store didn't have anymore and they aren't selling anymore...(great) we made due with a ball jar. (Thanks Traci!) And our new pets are in their rooms. It is so cute to watch them love on these little tadpoles. I knew they would love them but had no idea they would want them to watch American Idol with us and be present during our daily happenings. You know because every tadpole wants to watch you eat, brush teeth, etc.

The week of Easter I also opened an online trading account. Being a mom of three, just wasn't busy I decided I missed day trading and have been dabbling in it the last two weeks. So, my free time is now consumed with watching stock charts, reading news, and the wall street journal (thanks to my iphone-which I am loving). So if you come to the house during nap time you may just find me looking like a big nerd with two computers up and running, and either screaming with excitement or pulling my hair out. In all honesty, it has been so much fun. I forgot the thrill- and to think I used to think watching Ebay was exciting- Ha! Anyway, so if I post a little less- forgive me. I'm doing my best to keep caught up. :) Life is just busy...busy...


stacy said...

You're such a good mom to only trade during nap time. Can't wait for our 8:30 a.m. thrill! Hope the market falls.

Lacey said...

Ha..ha...ha.. what I should have added was that if it's not nap time they'd be in the office sitting on my :) I'm with ya stace...hope it's a good day. :)

parsonsfamily said...

That's so funny....I have an E-trade account that I dabble in and need to get back into actually. It does take a lot of time though because it changes so quickly!

The Guess Family said...

Hey there! I was beginning to get worried about you! Glad you guys are having lots of fun times. I read your comments a few weeks back about the birth order books! My first two fit right into the theories, we shall see about Miss Gracyn!


The Guess Family said...

And....can you send me Sharla's email at I can't get on her new blog and don't have her email!

sarah watson said...

thank you! you are very blessed too with an absolutely beautiful family :) have a good weekend :)

Mike and Jess Richey said...

You have been busy! I was wondering where you were since I hadn't seen a recent post, you are so good at keeping on top of that! Hope to see you on Sunday!

Courtney said...

I didn't know Frank was so awesome! I'm sure Gav will be playing tennis with Frank very soon!
Easter looked like lots of sticky fun! :) I miss your posts, but I am sure you are makin' some loot!