Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy 2009!!

So I thought I should start the new year with a few goals (or as most call it- resolutions). So, here it goes....

1. Finally participate in the Chevron Houston Marathon. (should be able to check this one off next weekend as I'm signed up to run the 1/2).
2. Get back to eating healthy. Been in a "holiday rut" lately. Too much sugar...need to get back to veggies, fruits, and some raw healthy stuff. Not only for me, but for my kids. Back to my organic co-op.
3. Keep exercising after the goal is 3 times a week...we'll see....
4. Drink more water...I can go all day with nothing to drink...and I am NOT kidding. I forget to drink. Apparently it is somewhat hereditary as my sister and Grandma are the same way.
5. Spend more quality time with the kiddos. Especially before Gavin goes to school next year- Wahhhhh!!
6. Spend less time on the computer.
7. Learn how to use my new Mac to the fullest (may make goal #6 hard)
8. Get more sleep. Lately I stay up late because that is my only "me" time and my only time with just Frank and I....which leads me to my next two resolutions..
9. Make more time for me
10. Go on a date at least once a month....(this shouldn't be hard now that we found an awesome babysitter!!)
11. Take another Family Vacation with the kiddos.
12. And maybe just maybe...a trip for just Frank and I.... we'll see....

I can only hope that 2009 will be as good as 2008!! Happy New Year to all of you!!


amanda said...

who's your babysitter? again, jealous... ;)

MKHKKH said...

I am the same way and NEVER drink water. It is so bad! I have to force myself. I have coffee in the am and then nothing until dinner. Good luck on #1 this week!! I hope you do better at yours than I did at mine last year. :)

Courtney said...

I agree with #2, #4, #5, and #6! I think the water one was on my list last year. Unless I'm pregnant, I don't pay attention.

Ashley said...

You can do it!
Hey, what organic coop do you use? I am looking for more cost effective ways to eat organic.