Friday, December 05, 2008

Pink B.B.
Well...thought I should take some pictures of Ellie's beloved "pink b.b." tonight since it has seen it's better days. Actually, this b.b. is in pretty good shape compared to what Gavin's looked like. Sadly someone thought Gavin's was trash a few years ago and threw it away. ( it really was just one long strand that we kept tying together) Anyway, we thought Ellie's had maybe found the trashcan by someone as we searched the house high and low, but we found it tonight. All my kids have b.b.'s as babies. I like putting holey, blankets on them because even if it ends up over their face- I know they can still breath! These blankets get lots and lots of LOVE. It helps them sleep, heals boo-boo's and hurt feelings. It is the ultimate comfort item and addiction with my little ones. So I can have it on record one is Ellie's "Pink B.B."


ChrissyK said...

Caitlyn has a blanket...what do we call it??? I guess it doesnt "officially" have a name. We call it a silkie...cause on one side it is silkie and the other side soft. But if we are looking for it, we ask "where is your blanket?" Hmmmm, I wonder why she hasnt named it??? This silkie blanket thing is huge in my hubbies family, so all new grandchildren get a new silkie, each one gets a different color. Caitlyn saw Micah's, a really cute blue one. Of course it is all BRAND Caitlyn offered her "white" one for the NEW blue one. Of course I had to remind her that the blue one was for Micah and that she had her own. She just gave me a mischeivious small and laughed.

Toni said...

We have "bunny" at our house, a small stuffed Carter's Bunny with a rattle in it's tummy. Bunny once got lost in San Antonio at the River Walk so we now have 4 in rotation because it was a long few nights in the hotel without "bunny." I think Kate knows now that she has so many hanging around, but still just grabs one for bedtime and to love on during the day. Isn't it so sweet how they love on their babies?