Friday, September 19, 2008


Our sweet baby girl is growing and changing too quickly before our eyes. She has learned a lot this last month. She discovered her voice and will babble throughout the day, "Hi," "Dada" and "Mama." She learned to go from laying down to sitting up, and on her 7 month birthday she crawled for the first time. She is also trying to pull up but hasn't yet been successful- but she is close. She still wakes up three times a night. (We are so ready to have a child that sleeps!) And she must go to sleep with her paci and crochet blanket. She LOVES her toys and could play on the floor for hours. She loves baby dolls and soft animals. She loves to feed herself food. She is always grabbing for our food and gets mad when we won't give it to her. We give her puffs, chopped up soft fruits and veggies and she feeds herself(half ends up on the floor so it's more of an attempt). If we try to help she screams.I think we have another very independent little lady on our hands- God help us!!! Here are a few pics of our growing little Momma who at 6.5 months was 15lbs. 3oz and 26.25 inches long!


Emily said...

She is SO cute. I can't believe she's already saying those words. And I can't believe she's 7 months!

Courtney said...

Precious. Time flies doesn't it?! I love her eyes. She's looking like a mix of the two, but really TOO cute!