Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Introducing our little Miracle.....

Hadley Faith Morgan
Arrived 2-18-2008 at 9:46 am
7lbs. 12 oz.
20 inches long

She is such a joy and we love her so much. She looks a lot like her big sister Ellie. We thought initially she looked more like Gavin, but she changed a lot within the first few hours. You can definitely tell she belongs to us as they all kind of look alike, but she definitely favors Ellie with Gavin's angel eyes.

Gavin and Ellie are smitten with her and are already arguing over who gets to hold her, who gets to change her diaper, who gets to sing to her, ect. Not a bad problem to have. They LOVE her!

Here are a few pictures of our newest little girl.


Marlers said...

Lacey! I can't even stop looking!! She is BEAUTIFUL!! I can definitely tell that she is your baby...and am still voting that she looks like her older brother! I love how ya'll look as a family of 5 and can't wait to exchange thoughts on what it is like to raise 3 kiddos!! We love you all so much and will see you Monday! Any requests???? :))


Lindsay said...

She is beautiful Lacey! She's got kissable little lips and I love that she's already rockin' the pink hair bow! I already see quite a match between her and Sully!

Britt said...

Congrats Morgan Family...she is beautiful!!

judith said...

She is beautiful just like her Mommy! Can't wait to meet her. Wish I was there to bring you guys dinner.
Love to you,
Judith and family

Kathryn said...

Oh Lacey, she is just beautiful! We knew she would be though, right? :) Can't wait to see more of her sweet face and hear how life is going with 3 children. Love you and soooo proud of you!!

Toni Amend said...

She is just beautiful! What a blessing! Congrats!

Carly O'Quinn said...

Welcome, sweet Hadley Faith!

She is be-u-ti-ful! I have to wait to see her before I cast my vote on who she looks most like.

Sully is very excited to meet this older woman I've been telling him so much about. :o)

Congrats, Morgans.