Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas With Cord and Jamie

Cord and Jamie switch every year between our family and hers. This year her family got Christmas so they came to celebrate with us early. The whole Carpenter Crew got together to celebrate.  Everyone loves to spoil the kids and they always have so much fun when they are over at my parents.
We play games, talk, laugh, eat, and genuinely have a good time.
This about sums it up:

And there is always pranks going on in my family.
Cord and Jamie got all these prank boxes that they packed the gifts in. Nanny's box was a vintage fruitcake. We were all dying laughing as they had her going for a minute and she was trying hard to be nice about it. ;0)

We pick names for the adult exchange. Frank drew Cords name and found him a new beach towel. (I can't show you a picture of the front!)

And I made him some reindeer beer:

This was a sweet moment too..I walked in on my Dad holding up Ellie showing her the ornaments on the tree and telling her stories about them.

It was a fun day with family!

We are definitely BLESSED with lots of LOVE!

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