Thursday, December 12, 2013

Annual Gingerbread Houses

My mom called to set up a date with her grandbabies to make their annual gingerbread houses. They love making them. They love the actual house making, but they love that my mom makes the time to come see them too. It makes them feel special and loved. Time is definitely the best gift you can give a child.  I love that they will always have these memories that she creates with them.
Nanny came along this year. She has had a rough year. Her last two friends past away this year. She has been down which is totally not like her at all. In all of my 35 years I have never seen my grandma not be the ultimate optimist. Mema brought her and Ellie, who knows nothing about what is going on, seems to have this special gift of picking up when someone needs extra loving. She called Nanny over and asked if she would help her make Gingerbread Men. She was so gentle and sweet with her. And kept saying, "Good job Nanny...that is beautiful." Nanny went from being down to singing Christmas songs and helping her great Grand Daughter. I held back the tears as I watched them.
Mema always brings lots of "extra" goodies so that we have candy all Christmas long. Here are a few pictures from their Gingerbread House Afternoon:

Our Neighborhood does an annual gingerbread house making party too. A few days before, me and a few other neighbors constructed 50 gingerbread houses out of graham crackers & lots of icing. We send out a list of goodies we need and everyone brings something and the party is a blast. I absolutely LOVE our neighborhood and the friendships we have made here.

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