Friday, November 08, 2013

My Little Man Turns TEN!

Holy Cow. Gavin turned Ten on November 6th. So hard to believe that my sweet boy is in the double digits now. He is growing like a weed, is super smart, and still has the sweetest heart. We are beyond blessed to have him in our lives and as our son. I am a lucky Mama.
This year he has grown up a lot. He is starting to get his Daddy's sense of humor and loves to joke around. School still comes very easy to him and the kid loves to read. Chapter book, after chapter book---and big books like Harry Potter. He can read them in 1-2 days. His latest obsession is sports books. He loves reading autobiographies about different players. While most parents say, "you need to read," we find ourselves saying, "You need to go to bed...put the book down!"
He still loves spending time with us which we are trying to cherish while it lasts. He loves his buddies but loves having them over at our house. He also tells us everything, and we hope that continues as he grows into his teenage years.
He has been blessed as a natural athlete. He doesn't seem to know what his favorite sport is but everything he tries he tends to do pretty well at. He is very much into hygiene. He showers, and brushes his teeth without us asking, and he loves to wear cologne. He also started to wear deodorant this year. And Girls---although he won't admit it.....and gets rather embarrassed when we even mention it...we have been told by several parents that the girls like him. And we had our first girl visitors the other day. A group of girls came over to give him a birthday gift and then they ran away--LOL. Our little boy is growing up. I can hardly believe that this is his last year of elementary school. I wish time would just slow down. Happy 10th Birthday Gavin, We LOVE you more than you will ever know!
Here is a little on how he spent his day:
Donuts and starbucks for breakfast--a Morgan Tradition.

Then he opened up his gifts from us. Sportswear (pretty much all he likes to wear these days), books, Infinity game for the Wii U, Houston Texans tickets, and a new Basketball goal that will be installed soon!

After school our family came over to celebrate.

His birthday dinner is always the same, Spaghetti and Meatballs with Italian Sausage.

I think he enjoyed celebrating the big "10!"

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Courtney said...

Happy 10th Gavin! He looks like the happiest kid ever. Love his big smile. :)