Friday, November 01, 2013

Football SCFL Fall 2013 Green Bay Packers

Wow, what a season! Gavin has been asking for a few years if he could play football and we have always said NO! But after much thought, we decided to let him try it out. They take football serious around here. He had a Combine Try Out. It was apparent from the try out that he had never tackled before, but he was one of the fastest kids in his try out group.
We found out a week later that he had been drafted to the Green Bay Packers. I got the call after he had gone to bed and went and woke him up to tell him the news as he had been anxiously waiting to hear. He started crying. He is a HUGE Steelers fan and Green Bay is their rival. I had remind him that it was only a team name and not the real Green Bay team.
He knew no one on his team but made a few friends quickly. He was not very "tough" at first and he did not like the tackling. But as the long, intense practices continued, he got the hang of it and learned to really like it. And after the Coach pulled a kid that they got mad at and giving Gavin a try (he made 7 tackles and had an interception) he gained a new starting position. He was hooked and he became the defensive Safety with the nickname, "Dr. Nasty." He loved it. He was a whole new little Football player. Many games he got to play both offense and defense and he really enjoyed being in the game. He got kudos after every game and his confidence grew tremendously.
However, it was a REALLY rough season. Halfway through the season his Coach Quit. After lots of parents fighting, and nagging the coach...he threw his towel in. We ended the season with zero wins. Yep, we didn't win one game. And the kicker....they only got one touchdown. But he still had a really fun time and is excited to play again next Fall.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the season:

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