Thursday, October 24, 2013

BOO'ING and Halloween Fun.

We love to go Boo'ing. The kids always want to BOO multiple people. The thrill of putting treats on a door, ringing their doorbell, and running away to hide excites my kids. This year we BOO'd 3 people and started the Boo'ing for our hood.

2 of the three families had video cameras so we got busted, but the kids still had so much fun. The kids also enjoyed getting Boo'd by others. We got boo'd twice from other families...and Frank got his own BOO our old neighbor Rob. We heard the doorbell ring and found Rob like this:

He had a beer to share with Frank. LOL. Love having them back as neighbors! :)

This year we decorated a Haunted House too. I found a half off kit at target and thought, why not. They loved making it. :)

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