Sunday, January 20, 2013


We went to Disney World, January 2nd and it really was quite Magical. It just makes you a kid again no matter what age you are. There is something for everyone. We stayed right next to Magic Kingdom at the Contemporary Bay Tower. It was so nice to have monorail access in our hotel or we could walk to a bus, boat, or magic kingdom. We did the deluxe food plan and if you are ever wondering is it worth it?? Yes it absolutely is. We used every single meal. We had all sit down meals, and were given two snacks a day which we didn't use all of. But the meal plan was so worth it. Not sure how to blog our entire vacation, but I think I will break it down by day. We were there 7 days. Gavin said it was the Best week of his entire life. And we are already looking for a date to go back again. So here we go...


We woke up REALLY early and when we woke up the kids Hadley said, "Merry Disney!!!" Needless to say they were SUPER excited!

Hadley has been on a plane before but she doesn't remember, she was really looking forward to the plane ride!

All the kids are such great travelers now!

Here we are:

First stop after checking in...Magic Kingdom.

We spent the day at the park riding rides, and pretty much trying to figure out where everything was. There was so much to see and so much to do.

We had dinner plans with Cinderella the first night at 1900 Park Fair..

Ellie was blushing and couldn't stop giggling when prince charming came over and talked to her..

And Cinderellas sisters were trying to get Gavin to propose to them. This one even was trying to give him a kiss and was asking if he brought her ring...

I love how they stay in character the entire time.

After dinner we went back to Magic Kingdom for some late night fun.

The castle lights were beautiful!

Gavin found a small rice crispy treat...and a Mickey hat that he didn't take off until the day we left.

The kids rode their first roller coaster, Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was all three of their first times, I wish we had a picture. I was shocked that even Hadley could ride it...much less the fact that she wanted to ride it. We ended up doing it many times while we were there.

We also bought the Photopass PLUS plan (A GREAT INVESTMENT) so we got all the pictures of the rides that we rode along with all the photos they took of us in the park. Here we are at about 10pm the first night on the Buzz Light Year shooting ride.

We finally called it a night because we had breakfast reservations at 7:05!! Needless to say, we didn't get a ton of sleep while there because this is how every day ended up going...leave for breakfast and come home for bedtime!


Tayton said...

Everythings is awesome! I loved sharing in your Disney Magic! Thanks for letting me be a vacation stalker! :)

Courtney said...

I am LOL at Ellie blushing. I can almost hear a laugh through that photo! Where did you stay? Can't wait to go through these Disney Days!