Sunday, December 23, 2012


It is true what they say, Giving is far better than receiving. Every year we adopt a family through our church and deliver the presents in person. We have been so blessed and it feels to good to bless someone else. We got a family this year with three kids and we had fun shopping for them. We picked out things special for each child. For the 12 year old boy we got him a bike, wrestlers, Nike's, a head to toe outfit, and a new winter coat. For the 9 year old girl, we got her an American Girl type doll, hello kitty purse, some colorful Adidas, a head to toe outfit with matching hat, and a jacket. And for the 4 year old boy we got him Hot Wheels Trucks, a learning tablet, a globe with an airplane that is remote control, a head to toe outfit, shoes, jacket, and hat. We also got their family their Christmas dinner. Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and green bean casserole ingredients.

We were pumped.

Probably our favorite day of the Christmas season..or at least one of them.

We wrapped their presents individually:

And we loaded the car singing and sang Christmas songs the whole way there.

We got to the Community center and picked a table to wait for our family...

And we waited...and waited.

We watched other families deliver their gifts. We saw one of our old little boys who walked up to us and asked us where his present was. :) HE told us he was on the A/B honor roll. It was great to see how he has grown...but he wasn't part of our family this year. We got to play with a lot of the kids that came to receive gifts. Our kids played on the playground with them. Gavin played football and shot baskets, the girls ran around the jungle gym.

We waited for 3 hours. 3 HOURS. We were told that the phone number they gave was disconnected. :(

We were so disappointed when we realized they were not going to come. What was full of cheer as we drove there, became sadness as we got in the car to leave. We were all silent.

I do realize this is NOT about US. This was about doing something nice for others who are less fortunate then us. It was something for us to do as a family to share God's love.

We are hopeful that the people that organize this, will be able to find the family that we have been buying for and praying for over the last 6 weeks. We are hopeful that these gifts and food will find their way under their tree.

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