Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The kids were super excited about Christmas. So excited that Frank and I were woken up at 4am to the girls telling us everything they had seen under the tree. We missed their initial reaction. But, we managed to get them back to sleep in bed with us until 6:30.

They each got a big gift and then got a few little gifts as well. When we went to see Santa Ellie and Hadley asked for Rollerblades, which they both got. Now all of us have them---watch out world!! Gavin didn't ask for anything. He really couldn't think of what he wanted for Christmas. But I think he was pretty excited with what he got! Ellie's big gift was a keyboard. Hadley's was a pink power wing scooter, and Gavin got the new Wii U. They each loved their gifts.

We opened up presents..

After presents we had breakfast and watched the Disney parade on T.V.

Then we got dressed and headed over to my parents for the Carpenter Christmas.

Christmas was cut a little short with them this year because my brother and sister had a friend pass away tragically right before Christmas, and his funeral was in Dallas the next day. My brother was a pallbearer. With the big storm that blew in they had to leave early. Although we didn't get to spend the time with them that we would have liked to, it was nice seeing them for the time that they were here. We are hoping they will come back soon. :)

We got home and cracked out the new Wii U. It really is so much fun and the graphics are so much better than our old wii. Gavin is in love with all the sports games, but the girls and I are in love with the new Sing It. :)

It was a Merry Christmas!

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